Wednesday, August 30, 2006

snow patrol
Forget what we're told, before we get too old.

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I <3 LJ
ok. So after much debating.. mostly with myself.
and convincing friends to move with me..
and after a certain friend said she wouldn't move.. she just refused to...
she was the first to create an LJ accnt. haha.
stupid TZ.
ok so visit me at...


mind u.. I had a sleepless night trying to create my new layout on LJ.
so be gentle. :)

Just when I was getting good at blogspot html.
I move to LJ and face a whole new challenge.
I'm cool like that.

<3 Jill

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5:44 PM|

Monday, August 28, 2006

to shift?
I'm thinking of moving to LJ.. and Tanya wants to go there too..
but the html I see there.. is whacked.
how the fuck do u change the html there. it looks uber complicated.

so anyway.. was roaming ard my old LJ account.. and chanced upon one of sa's old entries..
"mmm, sch was alright. i fell on my ass during pe cos we hadta run backwards! but it was only my class there so it wasn't so embbarrasing(oh crap i forgot how to spell it)?"
LOL. wtf. embbarrasing?!
that's just hilarious.
look how far u've come. DHL in CMM and all..
Who'd have thought it started when u had an embbarrasing fall?
I love u sa. mwahs. :)
*hugs and runs*

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I watched silence of the lambs a second time (not counting class) this morning.
made trades with the girls at different times. Felt like my own DVD renting company. ha.
watched more of the black box.
talked awhile with the boy.
more of the black box.
(Life as we know it = Love. back-to-back episodes? I love tv.
The characters were all so cute today.. as in personality wise.)
declined youth mass. I don't know why, really. I actually wanted to go. ha.
so dumb. but whatever. nvm. next!

talk about a boring saturday.
I need like a second.. haha.. I can't believe I almost typed it.

mad ah.

edit: I hate being alone a saturday night.. or any time of any day infact. Especially if ur mind refuses to focus on handouts for an exam in 3 days. It wanders u know? I mean.. nothing bad and all.. it just wanders.. just for kicks. And even I am bored of typing it out here. so there u have it. ok that was pointless, which actually fits in well with my title. not the point. okbye.
where did all my friends go?! why does everyone have things to do on a saturday night.. except me! hmpf.
well.. I only have like a handful of close friends now.. like less than 5... ok maybe less than 4.. maybe less than 3. whatever. u know what I mean.. if I was actually suppose to mean something. but ok. enough!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

I sooo hate BMR.
oh man.. I messed up.

*crosses fingers*
movie marathon weekend.
DVDs are the bomb.

Sir Anthony Hopkins = coolios.

stop the cough!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I feel so obsessive and distracted this whole study break.
haha. I don't know why. Stupid PMS.
This is the first study break in Poly that I haven't tried my best to prepare myself for the papers.
I don't know why I've no discipline this time round.
And I fought that I would not get distracted in this situation. haha.
I'm so lousy at this. PLUS the PMS. No help at all there.
But nvm, hope I'll still pull through the exams with whatever knowledge I have now of the subjs.
Plus, I've done pretty well for the coursework of both subjects.. so I hope I'll be fine.

But overall, I'm happy.
I just want to get this over and done with.
(I'm just wondering.. is there a some boyband named A.S.A.P.??)

This will all be over on Tuesday..
Tuesday please come quick!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I hope u're not too angry to not read my blog.
Cos here's an entry for u too.
It's obvious we've drifted.. it doesnt take a genius to see.
But even if I try to make amends.. to meet up or whatever..
everything's so strained..
Like we're too scared to step over this imaginary line that we've put up in between us.
It's like walking on a railway track, always looking to see if a train is coming at us.
But lemme tell u. I've never hated u.
I know u've always been one for emotions.
so it's not really a surprise that u hate(d) me and all..

I really don't know how to help this situation at all.
I'm lost. I've tried.. but.. it's like trying to talk to u through a brick wall.
And maybe u feel the same way.
We both probably wanna go back to secondary school where we "leaned back" in class and shit.
But things are different know. We just have to accept that.
And.. figure something out?
I don't know...

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Monday, August 21, 2006

tick! tock!
I've been having so many weird dreams. ha.
this morning.. I was a spy along with my family..
and my mom was still as stupid in the dream as she is in real life. lol!
damn funny. she wanted to use a grenade to kill this guy sitting next to me in the MRT (I know. MRT. wth.)
so dumb can.. like tt all of us will die right..
then I shook my head.. and she whipped out her missile launcher. HAHA.

I'm currently waiting for Glenn to finish his dota so that we can go study.
bahhh.. he's taking 739564378756 years... !!!
eeks.. my mom is home.. maybe I should just leave first.
ok maybe I shall. ok bye.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


for all the times you've put up with me.
:) thank u.

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